About the Knife Maker
My name is Kendall Carpenter, owner of Carp Knives- yes, that's my family, Christi, Delaney, and Jackson.  I have been making knives for several years.  I started out making knives for myself.  I knew what I liked, and I tried to make these. Then, I started making them for family and friends, whoever would buy them.  At this point, I had to learn that it isn't what I like anymore; I have to be ready to do things I don't particularly like, but the customer does.

I truly believe that the quality of my knives speak for themselves.  And with a lifetime warranty- my life, not the knife- you can be confident carrying a Carp knife.  Every Carp knife is handmade, meaning that no two are exactly alike.  When you buy a Carp knife, it is truly one-of-a-kind!! 

In the years to come, I hope to meet more and more happy customers as I travel, go to shows, and get the name out there.  If you have already purchased a knife from me, thank you for believing in me.  My knives are already spread out from Alabama to South Dakota, Arizona, and even Australia.  I hope to be making knives for years to come!!

Kendall  Carpenter